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Work Smarter, Not Harder.


 — Have you been using one or multiple “Exercise interventions” but still not getting the results you LIKE to see and feel?


— Have you lost the passion due to inability of lack of Desire to engage in sports or activities you used to love?


— Have you been experiencing difficulties Performing daily tasks /  Activity of Daily Living (ADL)?


— Do you find yourself lacking Thrive or Uninterested to engage in any ACTIVITY?


— Have you simply been Unable to work out, or exercise?


If you have answered  YES to any of the above questions,


Experience the Feeling and Looking Younger, Stronger, and Healthier Starting TODAY!


Welcome to Our






Core-Strengthening & Muscle-Definition…No Exercise!


We Offer Advanced and Unmatched Alternative Solutions for Improving Physical Health & Fitness, regardless of age.


Learn about the way of future:


How to Gain Core-Power, Strength and Vitality without “the Exercise” …?


The objective of our Neo-Fitness Programs is to bring about, and increase Vitality to those muscles that are responsible for holding “the Frame” of your body, at ALL times. Aside from traditional Spinal Adjustments, Dr. PJ. applies non-invasive, hands-on Neuromechanical and Neuromuscular Techniques clinically proven (both Subjectively & Objectively) to increase body’s Core-power, Stability, and Vitality in order to restore Life & Ordinance within the Frame whose sole responsibility is to hold, move, support, protect, and regulate internal living.


This may come as a surprise to most, however, according to Dr. PJ., the above clinically proven concept is not achieved by performing ANY exercises or dietary /supplement regimens. Yes, improved Physical Health & Fitness, without the exercise — Particularly, ones that are strenuous and can cause more damage and place more burden onto the Body than recognized (or felt) by the patient, nor, identified by average practitioner particularly on a timely manner prior to further damage is sustained, most often silently (No symptoms).


Prior to joining any of the program(s), Dr. PJ. thoroughly educates each patient on key information and knowledge that play major rolls in gaining and virtually feeling the true sense of Physical Health and Fitness, at the Core levels. Dr. PJ. treatments target and refuel hidden and deteriorating muscle weaknesses within the Frame which enable the muscles to be Oxygen-efficient therefore, replenished for Repair & Longevity..


Neuromechanical Treatments performed by the Doctor, in combination with advanced and rare muscle therapies provided by his well-qualified and seasoned Neuromuscular Therapist will rapidly, and rather noticeably increase the Health (strength & stability) of the Frame, therefore, enabling the body to be more Self-sufficient and Self-Reliant, the way it was designed to be.

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