Pain Relief & Elimination

we don't just relieve pain...
We aim to eliminate pain, naturally.

Dr. PJ. is highly accurate in detecting and targeting the “Hidden” sources of PAIN.

Rapid pain relief – obtained via what Dr. PJ. refers to as Pain-gate-Closure Techniques performed manually. Special techniques are performed to stabilize the neurological communications where the source of pain is highly active and unlocked. Closing of these specific pain-gates results in nearly instant relief of pain, starting from the initial treatment.

Proven concept for the past 20 years, Dr. PJ’s advanced and One-of-A- Kind Neuro-mechanical Techniques target and eliminate pain, at the Source, where pain is initiating therefore, sending the WRONG signals that place PAIN back into a continuous and medically termed, “Viscous Cycle”.

Advanced, noninvasive, and highly effective manual procedures which
have shown superiority in the fields of eliminating pain (often starting initial visit), increase core-strength, improve Body-Shape (Bio-Cosmetix®), improve Physical Fitness and Performance, while optimizing True Health (Well-Being).

He stimulates self-healing, the way our bodies were designed to overcome disease and distress.

Still Suffering from the Same Unresolved Chronic PAIN, Fatigue..?

Find out what your body may be missing every day.

Introducing the all-natural approach

Bio-Physical Medicine

If you’ve been experiencing pain & fatigue, injured in an accident, or just interested in optimizing the overall daily strength, function, and performance of your Mind & Body and would like to learn how Dr. PJ. can help you achieve your goals while living a happier (BPM), more balanced, pain and restriction-free Neo-Life, CONTACT US TODAY!

 Reader’s Note:

Treatments may or may not accompany chiropractic adjustment and mainly consist of treating neurological aspects of pain performed.

Our treatments are designed and tailored to each individual patient’s needs regardless of your age, complexity, severity or Chronicity of pain, Injury, or Physical Health and Condition.

Remember, if you’ve been suffering from chronic unresolved pain and/or debilitating physical injury, GET your Last Opinion from Dr. PJ., TODAY–You’ll be glad you did!

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