Natural Aging Vs Early Aging


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Bio-Physical Medicine

BPM is an organic medicine produced within the body which happens to be the key substance to maximize integrity of the core and overall body health. BPM improves human performance whether you are on the job, on the track, or on the court, effectively eliminating daily aches and pains, while slowing down the rapid rate of aging. Why not experience Life at the top of your game? Try BPM today, Feel the Difference & See for Yourself!

Reader’s Note:

At NCU, we pride ourselves with the excellent clinical outcomes sustained by using simple basic laws of nature and strive to see the big picture rather than getting caught up with theories and/or philosophical views.

In our Practice view, after all said and done, “the True” sense and the Concept of “Anti-aging” is our Body’s very own ability to produce and reproduce its own medicine and Regenerate. Medicine includes your daily vitamins, supplements, antioxidants and of course, pharmaceutical medication you receive from doctor’s office, or elsewhere.

Yes, our body is designed to do so, provided it has the opportunity. (which we discuss from different angle, within this site).

Another contributing factor to note:

All living cells degenerate and die, in order for new cells to re-birth and reproduce. So, if during childhood, we would lose one living cell while regenerating with two living cells, as we age, this ratio gradually reduces to 1.5

The Problem?

As we age the ability of this automated process decreases therefore, Basically, we end up losing more than we regain. (the lack of attention to this minor factor that makes a whole lot of difference has been the mankind’s problem. In fact, in Dr. PJ.’s opinion, this is the very reason for all the inconsistencies and misconceptions about not just aging, but Healthcare, period.

We believe in Aging vs anti-aging. Here’s why: the term anti-aging has been on the rise in popularity since approximately one half of a century while Man and Science have been struggling with finding or shall we say: “discovering” the Magic Pill”, that would turn back time (anti-Aging).

Fact is, if one pays closer attention to history of “the Fight against Aging”, the attempt has always been done from external. In other words, “Outside, in…”. Whereas the laws of nature would dictate otherwise, when it comes to replenishing and rejuvenating the Body. shout really occur at the core another words inside out

Man and Medicine (allopathic, or otherwise) have risen and fallen. Plastic surgery and man-made medication trends, natural creams, fruits and herbs, exercises and massage of all types, mud-baths, and list could go on.

Fact is if we have a consensus that the above simple and proven statement is true and exists,


Unfortunately, particularly since the last few decades, as technology and industries grow and multiply, the man’s needs against physical pain and ailments increase, as well.

What does this mean?

let’s take food industry for example. As it is no longer a secret, in reality, we simply have been truly obtaining proper, adequate, or REAL nutrients that a REAL BODY needs to maintain and/or survive.
The Neuromuscular System is the main component of what takes on the most burden consequential to this issue.


Again, not a secret, over the last several decades, mankind has been bound to a sedentary lifestyle.


At NCU we believe in natural aging. We also believe that laws of nature are extremely powerful and they mean business.

It was once said that the life expectancy of a being can generally be formulated as following: The age of maturity, multiplied by five. This means for us humans, if maturity age is between the age of 20-25, multiplied by five will give us an age expectancy for humans somewhere in the range of 100-125 years old. WOW!

Of course, this number is presumed to be true and valid under certain conditions, such as: the individual is living in a healthy Environment, eats healthy, thinks healthy (pure minded), Does healthy, and lives in harmony among like-minded neighbors, etc.


Dr. PJ. has found the key factor that will combat such deteriorating effects, naturally (and tangibly) replenish the Core and rejuvenating the Body from inside out

How it’s done

via neuromechanically, treating muscles at the core level and reprogramming those muscles for longevity. This isn’t field that is least understood in the world of medicine.

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