“ The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but, will interest her or his

patient in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and

in the cause and prevention of disease. ”

                                                                                                                                     Thomas Edison – US Inventor (1847-1931)

The ABC's of our Practice

Pain Relief & Elimination

Rapid pain relief – obtained via what Dr. PJ. refers to as Pain-gate-Closure Techniques performed manually.

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Integrative Physical Fitness

Modernized, Effortless and Effective way of Strengthening and Revitalizing the Body at Core-Level.

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Natural Aging Vs Early Aging

Dr. PJ. has found the key factor that will combat such deteriorating effects, naturally replenish the Core..

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Extra, Extra…!

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” The Future Is Here…! “

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Educational Blogs

Still Suffering from the Same Unresolved health problems..?

Find out what your body may be missing every day. Introducing the all-natural approach in form of educational blog.

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Events / Promotions

“We Don’t just treat our patient’s symptoms, we educate and support first, and all along the way”

Increased intact-ability of the Core for a Balanced and Healthy function

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Treatment Goals

— Restore normal life and increase the longevity of the Core.
— Recreate an energy-efficient and effortless Upright posture
— Increased intact-ability of the Core for a Balanced and Healthy function.

Get Your Life Style Back

Our outstanding team is here to help you reach your healthcare goals

why choose Doc Neo ?

Dr. PJ. is highly accurate in detecting and targeting the “Hidden” sources of PAIN.
We don’t just relieve pain…
We aim to eliminate pain, naturally..


Already seeing a Chiropractor..?

No problem, No Conflict of interest.

Please Read:

Dr. PJ. is a chiropractic physician, but he is also Board certified and licensed in Physical Medicine manual procedures and modalities? This, in combination with self-taught self-developed unique and advanced school of thoughts, and concepts since the past 20 years has made Dr. PJ. an expertise very unique and specific in detecting (and early Detection) the true sources of pain and mechanical inefficiencies and/or instabilities all of which, if properly cared for, will reinforce true Physical Health.

unlike traditional (or non), during the initial stages of the course, Dr. PJ’s unique hands-on neuromuscular-skeletal treatments focus mainly on one concept, Stability. simply because dr. believes without stability there cannot exist mobility.

Treatments are generally centered around pain reduction and postural stabilization techniques, a methodology founded and perfected by Dr. PJ. himself and practiced since the last 13 years obtaining superior and immediate clinical results. specific treatment is to strengthen both spinal and muscular stabilization improving and optimizing the overall integrity of the core while reversing processes of injuries sustained throughout life, acute or chronic.

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What our Patients Say

I thought I was big boned…! Dr. PJ. has changed by body type. Wear and tear form years of dancing, playing soccer and normal day activities had created scar tissue that made me appear bulky. After being treated by Dr. PJ, I am a much thinner and more confident person

Mina Pourarbab, Patient turned wife


My entire life I have had to live with a jaw that is constantly clicking and disconnecting every time I open my mouth. I have always been able to disconnect it and pop it back into place and occasionally it would disconnect and get stuck so I couldn’t fully close my mouth. After just a month of treatments with Dr. PJ., I stopped being able to disconnect my jaw on purpose. I could feel my jaw stabilizing and becoming much stronger and I started to be able to open my mouth wider than before without my jaw disconnecting! His treatment helped treat my problem that the dentists said was only treatable by wiring my mouth shut! I am so glad I went to Neo Chiro United Chiropractic.

Christopher Thomas


Having seen Chiropractors & Osteopaths from London & Europe to New York….Dr. PJ. is excellent I can safely say that you would be hard pushed to find anybody better!

Nick Georgion


After 20 years of chronic pain, my body was weak and crippled. After just six weeks, Dr. PJ. strengthened my muscles and improved my posture without any painful exercises or chiropractic adjustments. My days of treatment searching are over….Dr. PJ. will be the last Doctor I need to visit on my road to recovery.

M. Peters


Learn about the way of future…

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